Introducing book “Farmland Fragrance”

Farmland Fragrance is a collection of translated poems in English. The original poems were written in Telugu by Annavaram Devender. The poems were rendered in English by P. Jayalakshmi.

This book contains the best poems from among his five published Telugu anthologies – Thovva (2001), Nadaka (2003), Mankamma Thota Labour Adda (2005), Budda Parkalu (2006) and Boddumalle Chettu (2008).

The poems selected represent variety of theme, tone and mood. They shift from celebration, admiration and fondness for native culture to despair over its loss of identity to anger and protest to a fervent revolutionary call to its people to be vigilant.

“To read Annavaram Devender’s poetry is to smell thefragrance of Telangana farmland in all its varied hues and to bring out hidden poetry in the marginalized lives of the region. Farmers, carpenters, weavers, ironsmiths potters, etc. all find mention as his pen wanders through the villages of Telangana covering aspects of their life and culture extensively discussed and debated in recent times. For him politics and social discrimination of his region and globalization have impacted their lives bringing on dry, withered and parched conditions that verge on the tragic sapping all energy, vitality and fertility. Political reasons aside, causes for the loss are also seen to lie in nature’s relentless fury coming on as scorching summers, draught, famine, loss of crops due to supply of spurious seeds and torrential rains, hunger and poverty, farmer suicides that have left farmers, weavers, potters high and dry and carpenters out of work. He rues the passing away of days of plentiful abundance, reduced now to mere memories tucked away in the secret chambers as of a treasure chest on the attic to be fondly remembered now and then.” states the translator.

Here are the glimpses of few poems from the book.

Like a goblet shaped artistically
a slipper fashioned skillfully
as a sari woven beautifully,
I watch as I weave.

Speech in full flow will do
for rhyme and meter to fall in tune.
If raise the voice in clamour
angry rhythmic sound of sentences.

My poetry is the full-blown corncob’s head silk,
ripe ear of paddy
marshy farmland fragrance
spring’s spouting water it is.

* * *

Farmland Fragrance is available in digital form with Kinige. For more details, follow the below link
Farmland Fragrance On Kinige

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