Introducing Malladi’s novel Paramjyothy

This is a spiritual novel written by Mr. Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy.

Vijayaramajaru was born in a princely family of Nemalikonda as a last child. He grows up with excessive indulgence. While his eldest brother has hardworking nature and the elder brother has intelligence, Ramaraju lacks both these qualities. He always plays and neglects education, and becomes a loafer. When he attains the age of 18, he becomes a sex maniac and makes illegal relations with the woman he likes.

Elders in the family decides to perform his marriage thinking that he may become responsible and could lead a happy family life. They arrange his marriage with a girl belong to princely family in Srikakulam. Ramaraju discards his old habits though temporarily and spends time with his wife. But very soon, the life becomes monotonous to him and again he goes back to his perilous ways. He starts selling each valuable item in the house for prostitutes. Family members and relatives, the general public starts loathe him. Meanwhile his wife becomes pregnant and goes to her parents’ home. Ramaraju is infected with Syphilis. His wife delivers a baby boy and when she heard the fate of Ramaraju, she decides to stay with their parents for some more time.

When Ramaraju sees his son, he again temporarily keeps his bad habits away and spends some good time with the family. But old habits die hard. Again he goes back to his old dire habits. Finally, not able to withstand the troubles caused by Ramaraju, his brother-in-law poisons him and eventually RamaRaju dies.

When the corpse was being cremated, there was a heavy rain and flash floods in the area. The half burned body gets washed away in the flood. Sage Sahajananda finds the dead body and bring back the life into the body with kayakalpa chikitsa, a treatment known only to divine people. He gives the body a name “Paramjyothy”. First few years Paramjyothy behaves like an infant, child, youth and finally he reaches the age of his previous life. Then suddenly he thinks of his parents and relatives. Sahajananda asks Paramjyothy to meditate and when appropriate time comes, he will know everything. One day he recollects the details of his previous birth and would like to take revenge on his brother-in-law. Sahajananda cautions him about the worldly behavior and instruct to meditate severely.

Meanwhile some of the people of his native town meets Paramjyothy and instantly recognizes him as Ramaraju and inform the family. Since then, there was a commotion in both princely states, both families and among the general public. Spies are engaged to find out the truth, the matter goes to the Court of Law and even the British Government becomes involved in the case.

The rest of the story is to be read and not to be described here. What happens to Paramjyothy? Will he accept that he is Ramaraju or he rejects the claim? Does he take revenge on his brother-in-law or he forgives him? The novel is interesting till the end and the reader will not be disappointed.

The author comes up with his usual parables in the novel and gives details to many a concepts like “Tutelary deities of Dasa Maha Vidyas”, “Narmada Parikrama”, “the inner meaning behind the names of Pandavas”, “Different Kinds of Buttermilk” etc.

He describes the bonds that tie up the humans and narrates how people succumb to temptations.

The novel is equally interested to both the spiritual reader and the common reader.

The novel in digital form is available with Kinige. Price is Rs. 90/-. It can be rented for Rs.30/- per month as well.

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Soma Sankar Kolluri

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