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Special Discount offer on “Degarekkala Chappudu”

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degarekkala chappudu

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Footprints of Tripura

The HansIndia newspaper carried a review on book “Tripura Kathalu” in its Sunday edition dated 15 April 2012. Mr. Rama Teertha reviewed the stories. The review was titled as “Footprints of Tripura”.

The reviewer opined that the 15 stories are precious gifts to the corpus of Telugu short story.

Rayasam Venkata Tripuramtakeswara Rao, known in the world of literature as Tripura, served as a professor of English at Bir Bikram College, Agartala, in Tripura, and it is here, the name of a State, became the pen name of the writer.

The reviewer reminds the readers that the physical and psychological span of the stories is quite large; the stories go around Florida, Varanasi, Kerala, Rangoon, Thailand and border regions of India, the philosophical depth ranges from Zen Buddhism to Naxalism.

The reviewer observed that like Tripura, his characters are multilingual, and the narrative has its own cerebral beauty that impresses the reader to go on from one story to the other.

Mr. Attaluri Narasimha Rao compiled the first publication in 1980 with 13 stories and now with two more stories, the 15 stories collection was published by Perspectives, Hyderabad in December, 2011.

Mr. Rama Teertha felt that the story, “Valasa Pakshula gaanam” is a powerful example of Tripura’s craft.

The reviewer admits that an English translation of the stories is an urgent necessity, which will be a matter of pride to the Telugu literature, though the writer himself wishes to be away from name and fame.

Read full review here.

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త్రిపుర కథలు On Kinige

Soma Sankar Kolluri

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