How to claim a book sent as a gift to you

You can send books as gift to your friends at kinige, to know how to read this post about gifting an e-book here.

Whenever a person is gifted an ebook at kinige by his friend, he receives a mail to his mail id.

Within that mail, instructions as to how to download the book are given.


If the recipient already has an account at kinige, he can directly go to the recharge page and enter the above given Gift Activation Code.

One can navigate to this page by clicking on the link Profile on home page

And then click on Recharge Now in the profile page.

In case the recipient does not have an account with Kinige already, he needs to open an account, its easy and very simple.

Once recharged,

the person will get a screen like below confirming successful recharge and a link to the book:


When the link is visited, user will be taken to the same book page, but now, he can see a download link for the book with label as Download Rented Book or Download purchased book depending on whether he bought it or rented it.

Clicking on which, we would download an ascm file(URLLink.ascm).

Once the ascm file finishes downloading, open it with Adobe Digital Editions.

If you are new to Kinige, follow this page to know how to read your first book on Kinige

And done.

Happy Reading!


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