Cryptic and Candid Poetry

“KundilO Marrichettu” is an anthology of poems by Vinnakota Ravi Sankar. This book contains 29 poems. As brilliantly pointed out in his foreward by Mr. Ismail, these poems reflect the life experiences which are the summary of humanity.

Let us introduce some of the poems from this book:

Holi (హోళీ, the festival of colors): The poet compares the men playing with colors on the occasion of Holi festival while shedding all their inhibitions and reaching out themselves with that of trees blooming with flowers after shedding leaves in autumn.

Udayaalu (ఉదయాలు, Mornings): The poet used very small words to convey beautiful feelings in this poem. The poem describes the way hope and despair plays with humans. The poem states that the dreams are beautiful illusions, whereas life is a tough reality.

KundilO Marrichettu (కుండీలో మర్రిచెట్టు, Bonsai): The poet laments that the men turned the huge Banyan tree which is used to expand and branch out in a large space into a Bonsai. He feels that somebody robbed off its full life. The inner meaning of the poem is that man does everything for his own sake, and makes others believe that it is beneficial to them only.

Nidranubhavam (నిద్రానుభవం, Sleep Experience): The poem describes the difference between the people who get sleep easily and those who do not get sleep at all. The poem goes with simple words that have profound meaning.

Ramapa Sarasu (రామప్ప సరస్సు, Ramappa Lake): The poem was written in memory of a friend who is gone forever. The Ramappa Lake is beautiful and wild, the poet reminisces.

Gnapakam (జ్ఞాపకం, Memory): The poem is on those people who are close to us, yet been ignored by us. Though the poet wrote this on his mother, we can apply the same to the people whom we ignore. This poem is useful to revisit the relations.

Transition (ట్రాన్సిషన్): The poem mirrors human life. Life is losing some and gaining some. Getting rid of some relations and adding new relations. The poem tried to imply that the human life as a whole is transition.

Gaayam(గాయం, Wound): The poem states that there is no remedy to the situation wherein humanity is transplanted and complacency implanted. The poem indirectly questions the deficiencies of medical profession.

Bhopal (భోపాల్): The background of this poem is the gruesome accident at Union Carbide Factory. The poem describes the trauma of a mother, who could not save her child. The readers mind becomes numb after reading the poem.

Sivakasi (శివకాశి): The poem is written on those child laborers who strain their life to make others enjoy the fireworks and the light. The poet used very small words to display the scene at a crackers factory.

Glasnost (గ్లాస్‌నోస్త్): The poem talks of the reforms of erstwhile Soviet Union. All the greatness that people assumed of Russia was not true, says the poet.

MoLI (మోళీ, Rope dance): The poem mentions the violence on women in homes. The poet says that the family life is a rope dance for man and to make others believe that the game is going on well, man uses domestic violence as a weapon.

Duram (దూరం, Distance): The poem talks of the distance between friends. With the passing of time, even the thickest friendship gets diluted and the close friends too, have to reintroduce themselves, opines the poet. However, the old memories are not faded away easily.

The book has some more interesting poems and available with Kinige in digital form. Price is Rs.30/- Get your copy to read and enjoy cryptic and candid poetry.

కుండీలో మర్రిచెట్టు On Kinige

Kolluri Soma Sankar

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