Top 10 Books 2nd week of December 2015.

Top 10 Books on kinige 2nd week of December 2015.



1 Chanakya Sri Sarvari Re-Entry
2 Savitri Dr. Kampalle RaviChandran New-Entry
3 Thoo… P.V.Sunil Kumar Since 2 Weeks
4 Dharmasindhu Kolluri Kamasastry Re-Entry
5 Kanyasulkam Gurajada Apparao Since 2 Weeks
6 Dabbu Aada Chese Margalu Dr.K.Kiran Kumar New-Entry
7 Mitturodi Pustakam Namini Since 2 Weeks
8 Mantra Siddhi M. Satyanarayana Siddhanti New-Entry
9 Chinuku Suryadevara Rammohana Rao Since 2 Weeks
10 Tulasidalam Yandamoori Veerendranath Re-Entry

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