Introducing – Srikrishna Deva Rayalu – A Telugu Novel by Kasturi Murali Krishna

Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu is an emperor who is well known to all Indians especially to the south Indians. In this novel written on Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu, author Kasturi Murali Krishna attempted to showcase a new angle to the personality of Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu.
The story starts with the description of Vijayanagara kingdom’s troubles with enemies’ endless attacks on the country and hapless situation of the rulers. In this situation the crown was handed over to Sri Krishna Deva Raya by his wise minister Timmarusu and other key people.
Once he was crowned, Krishna Deva Raya subdues all his enemies with his valour, intelligence. Later he introduces several reforms in the administration, and ruled the kingdom keeping in view the interests of common man’s benefit. He built many beautiful buildings in and around his capital. All this is known to everybody.
Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu was known to all of us an able administrator, great warrior, poet and a magnificent builder. However, in this novel, author presents new personality of Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu. i.e. Spirituality and righteousness.

Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu believed that “getting a chance to rule the kingdom of Vijayanagara was itself an opportunity bestowed by God on himself to protect the righteousness in the country”, and the emperor resurrected many dilapidated temples in the country and funded them for daily poojas and maintenance. The emperor opined that the temples are spiritual centers for the common people.
Sri Krishna Devarayalu was the devotee of Lord Venkateswara. The emperor, along with his wives used to visit Tirupati and have Darshanam of the Lord whenever feasible.
The modern politicians needs to pick up a point from Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu. Whenever, he visited Tirumala, he had Lord’s Darshanam as a common devotee, clad in a simple angavastra, without any show off. The current politicians, whatever may their rank, goes to Lord’s Darshan with the bunch of followers, security guards etc in special VVIP category and causes lot of hardships to common devotees.
The narration of why the idols of Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu and his two wives are kept in the premises of Tirumala temple is remarkable.
The way author mentions why devotes visit Tirupati again and again despite facing lot of troubles, is quite interesting.

Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu states the best qualities that a ruler should possess:
At the outset, we should teach our people to dream. We have to teach them to appreciate the life. Since our people became afraid of so many fears and sorrows, they forgot living, forgot dwelling in pleasures of life. They always brood about past, fear about future and ignore the present. First of all, we should make them self-confident and secured”.
This applies to us and our rulers even today.

Sri Krishna Deva Raya never pardoned the corrupt people whatever their caste or creed may be. This is another point that our Government should pick up from the life of great emperor.

When the traitor of the Vijayanagara kingdom takes shelter in the enemy kingdom; the enemy denies his presence in their State, Krishna Deva Rayalu immediately declares war and leads army to the enemy’ kingdom. But, currently we note that our country’s traitors (terrorists who explodes bombs in our country and run away) happily gets shelter in the neighboring country; and that country simply denies their presence and our Government takes no action.

When and how Sri Krishna Deva Raya sang the poem “దేశభాషలందు తెలుగు లెస్స“ (dEsha Bhaashalandu Telugu lessa) was exquisitely described by the author.
Sri Krishna Deva Raya was worried about the fact that what happens to his kingdom after he goes. He was in a dilemma to enjoy the popularity and success fearing whether he is really deserved of all that. The balance achieved between the vanity and fear will decide on the personality of the people.
The mental situation of Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu when he was supposed to go to a war when his son was very young was described very nicely by the author. He may be a great king.. but he is a father too who want the future of his son to be secured.
The novel ends with the death of Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu after completing his great book “Amukta Malyada”.

The novel was first serialized in Andhra Bhoomi weekly. Later, the serial was published in the form of novel by Kasturi Prachuranalu in April 2011, is shortly going for a second print.

The digital version of this book is available on KINIGE.

శ్రీకృష్ణదేవరాయలు On Kinige

– Soma Sankar Kolluri

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