Introduction to book “Poems to Note”

Poems to Note” is written by Dr. Velchala Kondala Rao. The author, in his foreword, says the following about the book:

“These poems are composed, taking the contemporary context of men, matters, systems, practices, cultures and institutions mostly relevant to India, but also relevant to a large extent to the entire world.
There are poems of general and universal nature and also poems which are location-specific, time-specific, culture and civilization specific. They are all composed in four lines akin to the poems composed in Telugu by the famous poet “Vemana”.
Some of them may even appear and sound almost identical to what he has rendered, but so do many other compositions of many other authors of universal intent and content. Thoughts and ideas on values and virtues mostly appear and sound alike when they are dealt with by many an author with identical sense, sensibility and sensitivity. They may almost coincide both in norm as well as the form, but for that reason not the same, the very same.
The compositions are mostly in the genre of free verse, where deviations from the normal rules and regulations of poetics are more in vogue for various reasons. That does not mean that one can be was licencious in deviating but rather has to be frugal as I was in doing resorting to them only in a dire exigency and emergency, when either the theme was at stake or the rhythm.”

Read some of his poems here:

Why spend so much on the statues of the dead?
Of what use is that when their values are forgotten, the virtues?
The words are forgotten, the deeds
Can that help you in any way, say, Prema?

You may win a point but may lose a friend arguing hot,
Of what use is that winning a point , losing a friend?
Hence first befriend, then mend or amend
That is the right way to blend, tend, Prema.

However much you may concentrate
On matter and material, read, research ,
You will neither get the real wealth of peace nor the myth of truth.
Seek not with the mind but with the heart, you will get them, in truth, Prema.

* * *

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