Prakrita Gatha Saptasati – An Introduction

Prakrita Gatha Saptasati is almost 2000 years old literature which was composed in Prakrit.
These gathas were compiled by Hala, the Satavahana Emperor. The Satavahanas were the Telugu rulers. This book consists of 700 stanzas about love depicting the varied phases of South Indian rural life.
Mr.Weber, the German scholar brought out the first revised edition of these Prakrit gathas in 1870.  The book was later translated into many languages including Telugu by various scholars.
Mr. Radha Govinda Basak translated the 700 gathas into English and the same was published by Asiatic Society of Calcutta in 1971.

There was a mention of rivers Godavari, Tapati, Narmada, Yamuna and Vindhya mountains in these gathas. One can know the traditions and rituals of those days by reading these gathas.

Mr. Deevi Subbarao, prominent poet, had rendered the Telugu version of these gathas. The same is available on Kinige.
Print book also can be ordered for a discounted price. For more details, follow the link given below.

ప్రాకృత గాథా సప్తశతి On Kinige

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One thought on “Prakrita Gatha Saptasati – An Introduction

  1. Its a book in Marathi..not Telugu..and sathvahanas are Marathi rulers.. not Telugu as mentioned above..plz correct these errors..

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