Excerpt from “Words! Mighty Words!”

This book is a translation of Telugu book “Evarito Elaa Maatladali (RamayanamlO Hanumanthudu)” by Usha Sri and Dr. Gayatri Devi. The English version is rendered by Mr. Suryanarayana Tumuluri.

* * *

“Voice and speech should be sweet; the letters should be clearly heard; sentences should end clearly; should follow one after another flawlessly; should be bold and should flow along with rhythm. When seen from this perspective we know why Hanuman is called ‘Master of speech’, ‘Expert in speech’ and ‘Literary expert’. Speaking when knowing is really a quality. Only then will we understand how important it is to accept Hanuman to learn this art.
That is why following Hanuman in Ramayan every day for an hour will increase our courage and give us the ability to engage others with this wit in speech. Follow this person of courage with undivided attention right from his entrance in Kishkindha Kanda to the end of Yuddha Kaanda and crowning of Rama; At least some of it will rub on you and give you the power to talk.
Sometimes we wonder if talking is really an art. Well, not for people who talk all that comes to mind. But, when we read about praises coming from Rama’s mouth about Hanuman, we can understand why talking is a quality in itself. Why are we being so stubborn on words?… In this universe, right from a fly which grows in the dung to people who move in multi storied houses, all have the same dharma in relation to food, sleep, fear and procreation.
What is man’s specialty among the multitude of being? Why is it said, “Jantunaam nara janma durlabham”(Of all creation, the human life is the rarest of all).
Fair-unfair, dharma-adharma, right-wrong, all of these exist only to man. Only man is capable of making a decision among them with his brain. And the day man does not use his brain properly, in the hands of a mad man it will surely become a weapon of destruction. Not knowing how to talk has brought out many enmities and countless lost lives.
There are also people who win over the world with their words and get felicitations & appreciation. That is why the wise say “kaalu jaarithe teesukoogalam kaani noorujaarithe teesukoolemu.” (we can mend a wrong done by a slip of the leg but not by a slip of the tongue). When we see Rama (who never praised anybody), praising Hanuman just after speaking a few words in the first meeting, we understand the importance he places on words and the agreement of Valmiki who delivered it to us in the form of a poem. Knowing this, let us make an effort to learn Hanuman’s way of conversation.”

* * *

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