ePublish your books @ Kinige

Are you an author ? Looking to ePublish your works at kinige.com..?
Now you can easily epublish your works at kinige.com by yourself in minutes.

All you need to have:

  1. Cover pages of your book (cover page format can be JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, PSD, CDR)
  2. Soft copy of the Book in text format (PDF, Pagemaker, PMD, P65, Microsoft word documents) — Please note, scanned PDFs, text as image PDFs are not accepted.
  3. Unambiguous Copyrights on the Book should be with you.

Visit Kinige.com and register (registration is free)

Now login to your kinige account and click on ePublish your book link  (top right side)

The following four options will be displayed.

Select the option that suits to your book and click on Start publishing your eBook now on Kinige link. This consists of three steps

Step I: In this step You will be asked to fill the details of the book (like book name, language, price..)
as shown in the figure…

Fill the following details in the respected fields…enter the book name in respected language (Suppose the book is written in Telugu language, the title should be in Telugu (తెలుగు), The name of the book in English, The language of the book and MRP Price of the book, Book price after Discount details should be filled.
Once the MRP and Discount prices are filled remaining fields will be automatically filled by the system according to the given details.

In case the book is only for adults, Tick this option.

Please make sure you read and understand terms and conditions. Then click next button to agree terms and conditions.

Step II: In first field enter the words(tags) that indicate the book. Examples … telugu stories, short stories, kids stories, book with images, graphic book.
In the second field choose the category of your book from the drop down list.

You can optionally choose a second category too.
Finally, give a brief description about the book in respected language(If the book is in telugu, enter the text in telugu) and click on Finish.

Step III: Now you will see a confirmation message that you have successfully completed the 2nd step and you are asked to submit the book running text(soft copy) and cover pages to submit@kinige.com via email for completing the 3rd step. The same message will be mailed to you as well.

If you have any queries, write an email to support@kinige.com

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2 thoughts on “ePublish your books @ Kinige

  1. Is there a way to update details of my self-published ebook – for example, the description, cover page etc?

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