Reading your first book on Kinige

(This post is about the earlier versions of Adobe Digital ditions – 1.7 and 1.8, for newer  version 2.0 see here.)

To read this help in Telugu click here

Visit Kinige



Select your book.

We can either search for the book, or browse by options provided on left side bar. For now let us choose Chinese Beauty!

Click on the thumbnail of Chinese beauty.

Getting to know a book


Another page opened! Cool. Let us see what it says. It shows us book cover page as thumbnail, it gives us description in few lines. Let us read the description. Cool. The description looks interesting. Let us see what else is provided. We can scroll down a bit to see what is there below description.

Alright, they have more details. Some keywords Reader Rating, Language, Print Publisher. Etc.

What else we have? On the right side we have some buttons. There are prices. And some more options.

To buy or not to buy?

Let us see if there is any other information which might help us to take a decision. There is one interesting button , Download Free Preview!

Let us click on it.

Free Preview

Alright, something happened.

What happened?

We got some Login screen. But what is login ? There is that yellow color text, it says “Login required to proceed further, New users can register” .

Register on Kinige

We are a new user. Let us register. Click on Register link.

We got another screen. It is asking few details. Let us fill them.

Username ==> Enter your desired username

Password ==> something secret

Confirm Password ==> Confirm password.

Email address ==> A valid email address.

Mobile number ==> This is optional. Can be left blank.

Enter the characters. ==> This is required to protect Kinige from spammer bots.

See above screen shot, I filled details. Now after filling your details (not my details :P) click on Submit button.

Cool. We got another yellow bar. What did it say this time? “Registration is successful. Check your mail and activate the account”. Alright, let us check our mail.

In my inbox, I found a mail as show above. Let us open that mail.

We see something like above. Let us click on the link above. (note: I blacked part of link , as it is supposed to be secret)

We see above message after clicking on link.

Let us go back to square one.


Click on our favorite book. (Chinese beauty for now)

Click on Download Free Preview button.

Again we see same login screen, but this time we are registered users. Let us enter our login details.

Logging In…

Click on Go! Button.

Again we are back to Chinese Beauty page. Let us re-click on Download Free Preview button.

We see something like above. Let us save and open this PDF file.

We have 10 pages. Let us read it. The story looks interesting. Fonts looks good. Quality of pdf is good.

We are sure can buy this book. Let us go ahead and buy.

Back to Chinese Beauty book.

Let us click on Buy eBook: Rs. 50 button.

Recharging Kinige Account Balance

We got something in red. Error. What did it say? You do not have enough balance in your account to do the requested action! You can recharge at by clicking here. Let us click on the link and see what all options we have.

OK. We have three options.

First one ==> Kinige gift coupon! If some one from Kinige community sends us a giftcoupon we can recharge our account using this first option.

Recharge using payment gateway (Credit card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking/ Cash Card) ==> This is for Indians who can pay using several options. Just enter amount in Recharge amount and submit details to pay. (This is something similar to how we pay to our Online Railway reservation)

There is third option. This is for Non-Indians. Pay 10$ using paypal and get 400 Rs balance in your kinige amount.

Choose the option which is convenient to you and recharge your Kinige account.

Once recharge is done, we can go back to our book buying business.

I recharged with 400 Rs the amount will be visible on top right bar. Let us visit Chinese beauty again.

Buying the book

Let us try to buy this time. Click on Buy eBook: button.

Let us download the book as suggested above.

We are getting some acsm file. How to pen this file?

Is there any help available on Kinige?

Let us read second line of our download page. It says “You need Adobe Digital Edition to read this book get it from here. Let us click on that Here link.

Installing Adobe Digital Edition

A new page opened.

There is a Download Now button on right side of above page. Let us click on it.

Let us click on that big install button. (If you don’t see Install button, you may have to download flash player for your browser)

Let us click on Install again.

It is doing something.

Let us confirm again. (Press Yes)

On my windows 7 the following steps were done.

Click on close button.

Preparing Adobe Digital Edition for First time use

Click on I Agree

Click on get an Adobe ID online (Do not skip this step! )

Click on Create an Adobe Account.

Creating Adobe ID

This is similar to a new email account opening. Just enter all those red star compulsory fields. (There are eight fields).

Press continue and follow instructions to complete the process.

Press on continue again.

Now let us go back to our digital edition and enter email id, password we entered and click on Activate.

Done, click on Finished.

We came a long way.

Where is that we started?

Chinese Beauty!

Let us go back to that page in Kinige. (Login if not already loggedin)

Click on Chinese beauty. (Clue: If you don’t find your book, click on My Books in top right corner, as we already purchased this book, it will be there)

Back to Kinige To read first book

It will look like above. Click on Download Purchased Book button (right side, second button)

Let us open this.

We could even remove that left side bar, by double clicking on middle arrow.

We could read two pages per window also. (Play around with top right icons)

Happy Reading.

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24 thoughts on “Reading your first book on Kinige

  1. Does this mean I cannot store it in my ebook reading device like iPad/Kindle for reading ?
    This sucks :(

  2. Hi RG,

    One can read Kinige books on iPad using bluefirereader !

    This tutorial is first one, our next tutorials will cover reading on iPad.

    Happy Reading.
    BTW, your comment went to spam and it took some time to reply.

  3. అండ్రాయిడ్ బేస్డ్ టాబ్లెట్స్ లో ఎలా చదవాలో వివరిస్తారా…?

  4. I am not getting Install button on Adobewebsite to install Adobe Digital Editions. pls help me

  5. I just bought a book on your site thinking that i can read it on browser / or with adobe acrobat reader. But I end up having a a link downloaded and now I need to install adobe digital edition. but i can not do that on office. Can I download this at somewhere else on another laptop?

  6. Hi Prasad,
    You can always download books purchased on Kinige upto five machines.
    Happy Reading.

  7. Hi,
    I want to buy some e-books. But I live in US and have only US based credit cards. How do you charge them? Do you have pay pal or something?

    How do you charge US based credit cards?



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  11. I rented a book and when i tried to install adobe reader, i am getting an error E_ADEPT_IO ActivationServiceInfo Error%20#2032.

    Not able to complete. Please help.

  12. Reply to E_ADEPT_IO issue reported by Ch. Srinivas Rao,

    Re-installing adobe digital editions from Internet Explorer solved the problem.

  13. Hi Admin,
    Can you tell me how can i read on a macbook..I bought a book but i dont have windows laptop.


  14. Would you be kind enough to let me know what the difference is between buying and renting a book since I had noticed that renting is less than 50 % cheaper.

  15. As for the reading experience renting and buying an eBook is same. The only difference is rented books will be active only 30 days. That means one need to read the book with in first 30 days from renting the book. After rent period is over, the eBook will be expired automatically. One don’t need to remember expiry date and return the book. The expiration will be automatic.

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