Tribute to Tripura

Mr. Rayasam Venkata Tripuramtakeswara Rao, known in the world of literature as Tripura, passed away on 24 May 2013.

Tripura whose works are fully mystic, unbelievably, turned his readers into admirers with only a handful of 15 short stories. He began his journey as an author by publishing his first story in the then Andhrapatrika dated 31 May 1963. Thus the author completes 50 years of literary creation in 2012- 13.

The uniqueness of his stories lies in his technique. If one stops reading them after few pages complaining that they are not comprehensible; one is to definitely miss some great stories. Though, a bit tough to digest initially, Tripura stories would be enjoyable and re-readable after a little perseverance. His stories appear intricate. However, their span is large as they roam around Florida, Varanasi, Kerala, Rangoon, Thailand and border regions of India. Also they deal with philosophical matters ranging from Zen Buddhism to Naxalism. According to Sudhama, Tripura stories have a confessional element that blends surrealism and transparent darkness.

Tripura poetry too, is equally fascinating as his prose. Tripura wrote a long poem titled “Segments” on his 47th birthday. Vegunta Mohan Prasad, popularly known as “Mo” had translated this poem into Telugu. Tripura, who was an ardent fan of Franz Kafka, wrote “Tripura Kafka Kavitalu” with his inspiration. Readers will find the same mysticism which finds a prominent place in Kafka works, in these poems as well. This book was published by Sahiti Mitrulu. During November 1990, “Kavitvam Prachuranalu” published a book by Tripura titled “Badhalu – Sandarbhaalu”. This is a collection of poems written during 1980-88.

The master story teller,Tripura, departed leaving his mark on Telugu literature. Kinige pays tributes to the late author.

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