How to purchase Print books at

Welcome to Kinige. People in India can purchase print books from Kinige. No need to visit Koti to buy a Telugu book now, all you need to do is follow below steps and get book to your door-step!

Step 1 : Visit

To the left side, you will find a link with label as Show only print books. Click on it.

Step 2 : Choose your book

You would now see only those books that are available in print form at

Step 3 : Among these print books, choose the book you want to purchase by clicking on it, you would be navigated to the book page.

Step 4: Click on “Add print book to cart” button.
(If not already logged in, login to Kinige with your Kinige username and password.)
(If not registered on Kinige, register on Kinige it is simple, free, easy thing, simply click on register link on top right)

Upon clicking, your shopping cart is updated with this order, now you can either click on the In cart – Visit bill desk button or otherwise, click on Cart, at right top, to visit cart and to place order.

Step 5 : The Cart page.

In this cart page the summary of your order will be available. You can change the quantity of books here, by changing the number in Count textbox.

You also need to mention your address for shipping the book by clicking either of the Add an address links.

If you want to remove a book from the list, simply enter 0 in the countbox.

Step 6 : Adding an address.

In the form, please fill in your name, address, city, state, PIN and mobile number. All fields are compulsory.

After adding address proceed to shopping cart and recharge your account to the amount required.

After completing the transaction, visit Kinige cart again and click on the button Place the Order, and you would get a confirmation message/mail to your registered mail id.

NOTE: Add multiple books to your cart to reduce the shipping costs.

Thats it! you have now successfully ordered Kinige print books.

Happy reading.

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