Kinige eBooks on iPad

Kinige eBooks can be read on iPad.

Quick steps:

1. Install Blue fire reader free app.

2. Authorize it with adobe ID. (don’t have one? create an adobe ID from here )

3. Visit and purchase your fav eBook and start reading.

Detailed instructions:


a. Visit

photo (1)

b. Login to Kinige, if not already logged in. if your balance is 0 Rs, recharge

by clicking on balance link on top right.

photo (2)

c. Select your fav. book. (BalipeeTam books is shown above)

photo (3)

d. Click on Purchase (or rent depending upon your choice)

You will see above kind of result page.

photo (4)

e. We get above error message after clicking on Download the book link.

We are seeing this error because we do not have blue fire reader. let us install one.

photo (5)

f. Visit app store and search for blue fire reader.

photo (6)

g. Install Free Blue fire reader.

photo (7)

h. Once the installation is over, you can see above icon on your main home.

photo (8)

i. Now  let us go back to in your browser as in step a, b ) and visit My Books section and visit our purchased (or rented) book and click on download button. We will see above kind of screen. Click on open with blue fire reader

photo (9)

j. Blue fire reader asks us to authorize with adobe ID. Do not skip this step. I repeat do not skip this step. If you skip this step, your Kinige eBook can be read on only one device. use your adobe ID to authorize. if you do not have an adobe ID get one from here

photo (11)

photo (11) - Copy

k. complete authorization.

photo (12)

l. Download the eBook from Kinige.

photo (13)

m. start reading the eBook.

photo (14)

photo (15)

photo (16)

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3 thoughts on “Kinige eBooks on iPad

  1. The given direct link helped in down loading Bluefire.Thanks for the same.but how can I convert the coded down load in to readable format.

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