Introducing novel “Bhavatee Bhikshamdehi”

Bhavatee Bhikshamdehi is a novel by late Illindala Sarasawati Devi. It was originally serialized in Jayashri Monthly in 1976. Lated, published as a novel.

The synopsis of the novel is given below.

* * *

Vasudeva Rao, a well to do man, is a Manager in a factory. He is committed to the cause of labour and welfare of workmen. He wants to marry,if at all, without the encumberance ofa family. His parents force him to marry Sulochana , but he abandons her when she declares her pregnancy. She delivers a son, Krishna, and finds a job to sustain herself.

She becomes a T.B. patient and in the last stage, hands over her 6-7 year old son to a social worker and passes away. The social worker is non other than Anuradha who marries Vasudeva Rao agreeing to all his conditions and is not aware of the relationship between Vasudeva Rao & Sulochana and their son, Krishna.

Krishna escapes from Anuradha, He even had to beg for food for some time. Philanthropists like Dakshina Murthy Sastry, Suryam, Lakshman Singh and others feed, show affection, guide and help him and through sheer grit and intelligence he completes his Post graduate education .

Vasudeva Rao receives a letter [delivered late]from Sulochana informing him about her illness and their son. He is shocked and realization dawns on him. He is unable to face his wife and relatives . He goes abroad on a long assignment. About a decade later, he returns and tries to search for his son through newspaper advertisements.

When his well wishers try to persuade Krishna to re-approach with his father, he is adamant. He said his father left him when he[Krishna] needed him[father] most and now he [Krishna] did not need a father. After much persuation, he relents and unites with his father thus ending the story.

* * *

This novel is now available in digital form with Kinige. For more details, click the following link.

భవతీ భిక్షాందేహి On Kinige

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